Environmentally Responsible Equine Services & Horse Boarding


Equine Services & Horse Boarding in Colorado
Equine Services & Horse Boarding in Colorado
Colorado horse boarding spots available at Snow Creek Larkspur – a scenic, spacious, safe, and quiet farm midway between Denver and Colorado Springs.

Located on 35 acres just west of Larkspur our equine services and horse boarding amenities include a convenient location, friendly environment, and easy access to Spruce Mountain, and Greenland trails and Douglas County open space. Because we’re just 15 minutes from Castle Rock, there’s no need to trailer out for a relaxing day of riding the Greenland and Spruce Mountain trails.

A Relaxing Place to Enjoy Your Horse

We strive every day to make sure you’ll feel welcome as a boarder, and that you’ll leave at the end of the day having had a rewarding, educational experience, with improved riding skills, and more confidence in your horsemanship.

  • Basic Board 1 – $350 / Month: Grass hay feeding twice per day
  • Basic Board 2 – $400 / Month: Free feed hay


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Our Equine Services Amenities include:

  • 3600 SF insulated barn
  • Loafing sheds for protection from wind, rain, & weather
  • Automatic waterers
  • 2 Open pastures with shelters that are not crowded
  • Well-maintained outdoor arena and round pen offering excellent footing & plenty of room to train
  • Ample trailer parking
  • Indoor, secure tack room
  • Stay warm and meet your fellow boarders next to the firepit!
  • Private pasture rental available by request

Horse boarding space is limited, so call Matt Dempsey at 303-229-9382 or email weddings@snowcreeklarkspur.com.
Main Barn Interior
Main Barn Interior

Environmentally Responsible Horse Boarding Philosophy

We limit the number of horses on property to allow our residents ample space to roam, and to give each horse the individual attention they deserve.

Because our equine services professionals are committed to the well-being of your horse, we ask that you take responsibility for the health of your animal with regard to ferriers or vets (ask us for resources in this area if necessary).

We schedule an annual barn day every spring with Dr. Dale Rice of Three Peaks Veterinary. All boarders are encouraged to participate.

Snow Creek Larkspur is proud to serve as Douglas County’s premier environmentally responsible horse barn and boarding facility.

As animal lovers, we have always believed that responsible stewardship of the land is an important part of our calling to safeguard and replenish the earth. And we understand that protecting and preserving our precious environment is an important element of any Colorado rider’s decision making process when it comes to finding a place to board their horse.

We go above and beyond to provide:

  • Manure composting to eliminate foul odors & reduce number of insects
    1. Blend of manure & hay replenishes organic material in pastures with appropriate carbon-to-nitrogen ratio
    2. Chickens aerate compost & pastures to reduce odor and insects
    3. Pasture rotation protects the health of your animal, while enhancing overall health of ranch ecosystem
  • Clean, private, water-wise portable toilets
  • Recycling of glass & plastic
  • Composting of food & kitchen waste
  • Composting of all paper products, including plates, cups, napkins

Thanks to these steps, and to our careful attention to every environmental detail over which we have control in all aspects of our operation, our facility actually has a negative carbon footprint, as well as a minimal water usage footprint.

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Horse Back Riding Lessons

Visit our horseback riding page to learn more about our instructors and their areas of focus.